Benjy SingerWelcome to the My Shteiblech / IsraelB Social Media Community!!

I know from personal experience that making Aliyah and creating a new life for yourself in Israel is not easy to say the least. Especially if you are single or alone, Aliyah is daunting.

Questions such as: Where to daven, Where to find good shiurim and learning opportunities,What’s happening over Shabbat and the Chagim, What social events are happening, Where to meet people, How to find a Shabbat meal and many other types of issues bother many Olim especially if they have no family here.

My Shteiblech / IsraelB is aimed at helping you integrate into life in Israel and become part of society here. is designed to help Olim, as well as veterans here make living in Israel a reality.

As you may remember, we actually started off in March 2013 with a simple My Shteiblech Facebook Page ( which remains the most popular of our social media platforms), a My Shteiblech Twitter account, a My Shteiblech website and other My Shteiblech Groups. When we realized how hard it was to spell My Shteiblech we renamed the website, IsraelK and now it has changed to IsraelB.

IsraelB doesn’t just cater for English speakers. You will notice for instance many of the posts and events I feature are in Ivrit to help you meet Israelis. I am also ¬†posting things on in French to help you meet the very large French community here.

As many Olim don’t understand Ivrit, whenever anything happens in Israel that requires translation, for instance, if there has been a terror attack, I will write an explanation of what has happened in English. During the times of the stabbings in Jerusalem, I did listings of where to buy pepper spray. I am focusing more on writing up news in Israel and what’s happening in our Anglo community here.

So, why IsraelB?

Not just because my name is Benjy!

Because,IsraelB is aimed at making people feel at home in Israel – ‘Making Israel into your Bayit!’

The IsraelB website is where you will find interesting reading material on a whole range of topics from family ideas for the Shabbat Table and Halachot for upcoming chagim to reflections on current affairs in Israel and what’s going on in the Jewish World. I write this content, although if you have written something you wish to share you are more than welcome to send it to me and I’ll post it. You’ll also find very useful listing of what’s on over Shabbat and the Chagim / National Holidays.

We have gone very far since launching in March 2013 and have partnerships with Nefesh B’Nefesh, the OU Center, the AACI, World Mizrachi and World Bnei Akiva.

So, that’s the basic story so far!

I hope you find the ‘My Shteiblech / IsraelB Social Media Community’ very useful and it helps you become more at home in Israel!

Benjy Singer.

Owner of My Shteiblech / IsraelB.