Make sure to check the Travel Advisor whilst planning your vacation in Israel.
 Janglo can be relied upon for quality information on a whole range of entertainment – events and activities happening in Jerusalem.
Check out the iTravelJerusalem for everything going on in Jerusalem.
Go Jerusalem, like itravel is a useful resource.
The Jerusalem municipality website is another useful place to look.
The First Station- Tachana Ha’Rishona has become the place to relax and spent time with friends.
Bet Avichai on King George has a whole range of interesting lectures and speakers throughout the week.
The Begin Center by Yemin Moshe also holds a whole host of really interesting lectures and talks. My favourite is the Thursday night Parsha at 7.

The My Shteiblech Facebook Page and My Shteiblech Facebook Group are used by a large section of people to find out many events, activities and shiurim happening in the Jerusalem area. You can post in the My Shteiblech group. You can also follow My Shteiblech on Twitter – @myshteiblech.

The Secret Jerusalem Facebook Page has also become a useful resource for Jerusalemites.

The Things to do in Jerusalem Facebook Group run by Deena Levenstein is very popular.