Well, here is part 3 of our ‘IsraelK Dating Series’.

There are an unlimited amount of shuls, communities and organisations you can be in touch with part of to connect with people.

Firstly, make sure to be subscribed to our IsraelK newsletter and all our IsraelK Facebook Groups.

Here some of the popular ones. (Email me –  [email protected] ,  with more I can add)

Nefesh Be’NefeshSingles Page.

OU CenterWebsite.


Tel Aviv:

Full Listing of Shuls and Communities in Tel Aviv and the Merkaz . Click on here.


Full Listing of Shuls and Communities in Jerusalem. Click on here.

Things To Do in Jerusalem is a great resource, with plenty of cultural events posted where you can meet people. Click on here.

HineniClick on here.

JICNY – Jodi Samuels. Click on here.

Emek Learning Center – Has social programmes, as well as learning. Click on here.

Yiboneh –  Click on here.





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