Sad news to share to start the week Rabbi Shalom Gold z”l הרב שלום גולד זצ”ל שהיה לנו למורה צדק רוחני בשנות דור ההלוויה תצא מחר, יום ראשון, מביהכ”נ זכרון יוסף אגסי 10 בשעה

Levaya – Sunday, 1pm from his shul in Rechov Agasi 10, Har Nof.

Rabbi Dr. Shalom Gold passed away peacefully on Shabbat (Saturday).

Born in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY, Rabbi Gold zt”l attended Yeshiva Torah Vodaath in NY, Ner Israel in Baltimore, and Yeshivot Ponevezh and Hevron in Israel. He received semicha from Israeli Chief Rabbi Yitzchok Isaac Halevi Herzog and from HaRav Yaacov Yitzchok Halevi Ruderman.

Rabbi Gold was in the vanguard of building communities both in the Diaspora and Israel. As a young man in 1959, he came to Toronto to establish the Ner Israel Yeshiva, where he also built and developed Congregation Bnei Torah in Willowdale, a northern suburb of Toronto.

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