A few people have asked me for the details of the Shiva for the people who were murdered in the terrorist attack Friday night.

Here are the details for 6 of them but please respect the times that the families all agreed upon.

Raphael Ben Eliyahu: 2/7 Meir Weis St., Pisgat Ze’ev Mizrah.

Eliyahu and Nathalie Mizrahi: 45/11 Sderot Neve Ya’akov, Neve Ya’akov.

Shaul Chai: 6/19 Netiv Mazlot, Pisgat Ze’ev.

Asher Natan: 32 Abba Achimair Street, Entrance A, Apartment 92, Neve Ya’akov.

Ilya Sosanski: 2 Sderot Moshe Dayan St., Apartment 19 (entrance through Mazal Te’avims St.).

Hours: Between 09:00 – 13:00 and 16:00 – 22:00.

May their memories be for a blessing and Hashem avenge their blood.

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