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Shabbat times:
In at 4.27; Out at 5.41

Pre-Shacharit – 8am at ELC, Eretz Chemdah, Shir Chadash in Talbiya
Shabbat afternoon shiurim at Nitzanim, Ramban.
9.30 – kiddush and shiur at Yakar.

Beit Knesset Nitzanim presents a “Masechet Marathon”
Prepare a siyum of a complete masechet in 45 minutes
How? Everyone who registers will get at the event a copy of an amud or whole daf of one Gemara (with an English translation) to study so we will have a “siyum” in 45 energy filled minutes, as all together finish a Masechet. 
Of course, there will be refreshments.

Please register using the link below:

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