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At the completion of the Shmita year (until Erev Rosh Hashana), one should write a “Pruzbul”. Via this Pruzbul, debts owed to an individual are transferred out of the hands of the individual into the authority of a Beit Din.

While the Torah prohibits private individuals from recovering debts, that same prohibition does not apply to the Beit Din.

Below you can find three options to write a Pruzbul:

1- Via the Chief Rabbinate (based on the details specified on the form). The form is attached to the below link:

2 – Via Tzohar By registering with Tzohar, you are appointing Tzohar as your shaliach (agent) to sign onto the Pruzbal. Everyone who registers on the website will have a shaliach represent them on Erev Rosh Hashana on the Pruzbul in the official halachic manner in the presence of two witnesses, which will then be presented to the Beit Din as required by halacha. *This allows you to ensure that any debts owed to you remain in effect because halacha allows for the assigning of a shaliach for this purpose without the need for each and every individual to sign the document.

3- Via the RCA

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