From Honest Reporting: HonestReporting is very excited and proud to announce that it has appointed Gil Hoffman as the organization’s new Executive Director in its Jerusalem office. Hoffman, who until now was the Chief Political Correspondent of the Jerusalem Post, will lead the development and management of HonestReporting’s programming, media corrective services, and other aspects of editorial and content creation. Gil will provide a significant uptick in HonestReporting’s market presence and credibility. He will also be engaged in educational speaking, with a particular focus on students on campus. 

Hoffman was born and educated in the United States, graduating magna cum laude from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism. He brings to HonestReporting nearly 25 years of experience, as the leading English language political journalist in Israel. He appears regularly as an Israel affairs expert in print and on TV and radio worldwide, including on CNN, BBC, and various Arab media platforms. 

Hoffman is especially excited about the opportunity to reach out to young people in America, Jewish and non-Jews, to help them learn why being progressive should mean being pro-Israel too:

“Strong democracies rely upon a sound press, and I believe my experience will help HonestReporting assist journalists, as well as help people to better understand how to critically read the news as it relates to Israel. HonestReporting is the perfect platform from which to pursue these goals and help Israel win the fight in the international media.” 

Gil Hoffman will officially assume his position as HonestReporting’s Executive Director on July 1, 2022.

After six years of dedicated service, including three years as HonestReporting’s CEO, Daniel Pomerantz will be moving on. 

Daniel Pomerantz stated, “I have developed an enthusiasm for work that extends beyond the mission of HonestReporting: in particular public speaking and advocating on antisemitism, social issues, and other topics of interest with international organizations, young adults and social media influencers. Therefore, I’m going to be leaving HonestReporting to pursue these exciting and meaningful areas. I wish HonestReporting the very best as it continues to work within its important and specialized mission.” Robert Blum, President and Chairman of HonestReporting’s Board of Directors, commented, “We are very thankful to Daniel for his contribution as CEO. His leadership both greatly improved our financial strength, and also raised our work in real-world impact, which has benefited Israel and Jewish communities worldwide. Daniel leaves behind an important legacy and we wish him the greatest success in his future activities to improve the prospects for Israel and the Jewish people.”

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