Early – 5.45

Regular – 6.49 pm, 8.08 pm.


Daf Yomi – 5pm at misgav ledach with R’Avi Rowe,

Friday night at Shir Chadash in Talbiya: This Friday night at Shir Hadash we will be welcoming in the Shabbat a few minutes early. 7 PM L’chaim and Sushi, and welcoming a mission of overseas’ guests, including the former governor of Virginia; 7:17 PM Mincha and inspirational Kabalat Shabbat led by professional musician Nachman Solomon

Nitzanim – Rav Shai shiur after mincha

Ramban – Rav Itiel after mincha.

ELC – 8.15 – pre-shacharit shiur and 6.15 – seudah shlishit and shiur

Yakar – kiddush at 9.30.

Eretz Chemdah – 8.00 am – Shiur by Rabbi Engelberg
How to Relate to Reform Jews?

Shir Chadash:

On Emek: Davening followed by kiddush.

In Talbiyeh: pre-shacharit shiur at 8.15 followed by davening and kiddush.

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