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We have a new series with  Dr. Katherine Aron-Beller that already started the last Sunday so you can advertise from the second lecture

The Jews of Medieval Europe –  Dr. Katherine Aron-Beller
Second Lecture: The Wise Jews of Provence 
Sunday | May 15 | 8pm (1pm EDT)

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This series will take us to strong and vibrant Jewish communities in the medieval period in Spain, Provence and Portugal. Each lecture comprises a detailed look at the history of these communities,
their prominent members and scholars, how they functioned, their defining characteristics, and any visual remains of their presence still extant in these places.

Reflections on the Book of Leviticus

Parashat Shavua with: Dr. Avivah Zornberg

Book Launch – The Hidden Order of Intimacy –  Ilana Kurshan

The end of the Book of Leviticus will be marked by the book launch of Aviva Zornbergs new book about Sefer Vayikra. Join Avivah and Ilana Kurshan as they discuss this new book and the world of Torah study behind it.

We will read the book of Leviticus as a text haunted by the catastrophe of the Golden Calf.

In this book of order and holiness, we will trace the post-traumatic presence of the idol that disrupted the Revelation at Sinai.

Wednesday | May 18 | 6pm (11am EDT)
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