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Classified section: 

As you can see, the new IsraelB website has categories along the top ( the calendar is in the events section) and there are now 10 featured articles on the top, with the latest news from Israel and the Jewish world.

There is a second section to the website – a classified/ advertising section comprising of:

1) A featured ads section scrolling across the top,
2) 6 main categories of ads further down falling into 6 sections: 1) Property, 2) Jobs, 3) Goods and services, 4) Businesses, 5) Second hand/free goods and  6) Smachot, 
3) Classified listings underneath these main categories.
4) There are square and banner ads down the bottom and at different places on the website.

Business Promotions:
There is a businesses category on the website as you can see – in this section, we promote businesses. We promote businesses on the website, this newsletter and all of our social media platforms.

Our social media platforms:
We use all of our social media platforms – our Facebook groups, Twitter and Instagram etc. – as platforms to advertise. You can send me videos too to post – very effective these days!

Newsletter – advertising platform: 
This newsletter is geared to promoting businesses and advertising. Contact me for more details. You can do a blast mail to all subscribers.

Feel free to contact me – / 053 285 1526 for more details of how IsraelB can help you get the business and exposure you need and deserve. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

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