From JPost: Israel registered the highest number of new daily cases in four weeks on Monday, the Health Ministry reported Tuesday, as the vaccination campaign for children aged 5-11 kicked off.682 new cases were registered on Monday, a figure not reached since the end of October. The R – or reproduction – rate also continued to increase, albeit slowly, reaching 1.08 as of Tuesday. On Monday, it stood at 1.04. The R represents how many people each virus carrier can infect on average and shows what the situation was 10 days earlier. When the R stands above 1, the disease is considered to be spreading because every case generates more than one other case. When it is below 1, it is a sign that the number of cases is declining.

In the past week, over 50% of the cases have been recorded among children younger than 12, and another 10% among 12-18 years old. Some 463 of the new virus carriers identified on Monday were schoolchildren.For this reason, the authorities hope that the new drive to inoculate the cohort between 5 and 11 years of age will offer a significant contribution in halting new infections. CLICK on here to read more.

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