From Jerusalem Post: A day after the Green Class outline began to be implemented, the number of students in isolation after being exposed to a verified coronavirus carrier did not decrease but rather slightly rose, according to Health Ministry data published on Monday. As of Sunday morning, there were about 72,000 schoolchildren in quarantine for this reason, in addition to 14,000 infected with the disease themselves. On Monday, the ministry’s report showed that the figures respectively stood at 75,000 and 13,000.The new rules only came into effect on Sunday in cities and neighborhoods that are labeled as green under the Traffic Light model by the Health Ministry based on their level of morbidity and other parameters. Currently, 146 areas out of 280 in the country are green.

Under the program, schoolchildren who are exposed to a verified patient do not have to automatically enter quarantine. Rather, they need to take a PCR test and if found to be negative, undergo a rapid antigen test at home every day for a week, followed by a final PCR test. Provided that they do not test positive at any stage, they are able to continue attending school.On Sunday several municipalities and families lamented that they had not received the kits to test their children and therefore they had to remain at home, according to reports in the Israeli media. CLICK on here to write more.

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