From JPost: Before they return to school after the Sukkot holiday break, children in pre-school and grades 1-6 will need to undergo a coronavirus rapid test as they did ahead of the beginning of the school year, the coronavirus cabinet decided on Sunday, as Israel registered an increase in serious patients, whose number stood at 726 the highest in September. The decision will need to receive final approval from the Knesset Education Committee. Currently, there are about 44,000 schoolchildren infected with the virus, as well as 92,000 in isolation after being exposed to a verified case. In the past few days, the number of students in quarantine was as high as 120,000.

Ahead of September 1, at least 8,000 infected students were identified thanks to the required test, which helped keeping several tens of thousands in their classrooms.Earlier in the day, Health Ministry director-general Prof. Nachman Ash expressed concern over the number of serious patients in the country.“I personally do not see that we are exiting from this wave, even the number of serious patients is high,” he said in an interview to Kan.

Since the beginning of September, the number of serious patients has remained stable mostly between 650 and 700. However, the figure stood at 715 on Saturday and at 726 on Sunday.In addition, some 7,445 new virus carriers were identified on Saturday, with 6.21% of the around 141,000 people screened resulting positive. CLICK on here to read more.

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