Rapid tests over Yom Kippur-36 hours

The COVID Czar has agreed to extend the validity of rapid tests conducted on Yom Kippur Eve (Wednesday), so that they will last for 36 hours (until after Yom Kippur), instead of the usual 24. He is also considering extending it to 48 hours on that day.

MOH Expected to Extend Validity of Rapid Tests to 48 Hours

The Ministry of Health is expected to extend the validity of rapid tests for green badge venues from 24 hours to 48 hours. This will hopefully alleviate the heavy backups in both rapid testing and PCR testing centers as many people are using PCR tests instead of rapid tests to enter green badge venues because PCR tests are valid for 72 hours.

Maccabi Survey of Booster Dose Side Effects

Details of a survey of the side effects conducted by Maccabi Healthcare were published today. They were as follows: • 27.2% reported no side effects • 56.9% reported weakness or fatigue • 36% reported headaches • 35.7% reported muscle aches • 14% reported joint aches • 17.4% reported a fever of under 38 degrees • 9.1% reported a fever of over 38 degrees Source: N12

The coronavirus reproduction rate (R) climbed back up to one on Monday, after it had hit as low as 0.8 and appeared to be on the decline. However, the Health Ministry has decided to lift some restrictions on children, according to reports in Israeli media.The R rate represents how many people each virus carrier has infected on average and it only mirrors the situation of about 10 days before – in this case on September 2, a day after schools reopened. When the R stands above 1, the disease is considered to be spreading because every case generates more than one case. When it is below 1, it is a sign that the number of cases is decreasing. CLICK on here to read more.

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