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”Happy Badge” Goes Into Effect at Tuesday Midnight

The Ministry of Health announced that the “Happy Badge” regulations will go into effect tonight at midnight. The regulations will apply to the following places if they are indoors and host more than 100 people: Event halls, clubs, and conference centers who include food. Other places such as restaurants hosting similar events would also have these regulations apply, and any events that are partially outdoors and partially indoors would be considered indoors.

The following people would be allowed into these events: • Those with a negative PCR test conducted in the past 72 hours • Those with a negative rapid test conducted by a body authorized by the MOH in the past 24 hours • Vaccinate and recovered people The people running the event are required to ensure that they have the following: • A COVID appointee • Someone checking the guests’ required documentation as mentioned above • A sign stating who is allowed to enter the event

Additionally, all public and commercial establishments will now be required not to provide services to people not wearing a mask and must put up signs stating the masking requirement.

Places with PA announcement systems must remind customers to wear masks over the system.

Source: MOH

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