150 of Confirmed Cases Yesterday Came from Abroad

Of the 1,400 infections diagnosed yesterday, 150 (10.7%) entered Israel from abroad in the past 10 days, and 118 of them were vaccinated.

130 of them returned from countries which are not on the severe or maximal risk categories: 35 from Greece, 15 from the US, 12 from Turkey, 10 from Georgia, 5 from the UK, 4 from Italy, 3 from Germany and Bulgaria, and 2 each from Peru, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Tunisia, Ukraine, and Egypt. Source: Ynet

Note: We pay very close attention to these numbers as they often influence policy development. If in fact these people brought COVID in (despite 2 PCR tests before and after travel), it demonstrates that 1) vaccinations are no longer preventing people from catching this disease (we know this but many countries are pretending COVID is over) 2) restricting Red and Orange countries with quarantine is not necessarily effective 3) the percentage of DELTA cases in safe countries is higher than is being measured at this time (which is typical for this variant due to very subtle, common cold symptoms especially common for previously vaccinated people).

If, however, we see that epidemiologically this small percentage of people are getting caught early in their trip to Israel (such as through the Ben Gurion PCR test within the 24-hour quarantine mandatory for everyone), and they are not transmitting the disease at a high rate to the Israeli public – they pose minimal threat to Israel as a whole. If they are 1) not keeping quarantine and/or 2) catching this AFTER they arrive then there is no significance to closing the border, as this is based on either unpreventable problems or the public’s lack of compliance on a whole. System issues but not related to entry to Israel.

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