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Five Blocks is a digital reputation pioneer, shaping perceptions of companies and individuals through thoughtful planning of their digital footprint — as seen in search.  

We develop technology and provide services aimed at improving online reputation (on Google and other platforms.)

Using this proprietary technology and data-driven diagnostics, we analyze a brand’s internet presence and map out a more accurate, intentional, and strategic reputation for our clients, together with their communications teams.

Our clients include some of the best-known companies in the world, as well as notable individuals who expect premium standards of service and support — and their elite PR teams.  

The account manager fills a central role in our company by directing the strategic and tactical plan for improving the client’s reputation, while also serving as the primary, ongoing contact with the client.

Responsibilities for managing client programs include regular reporting, and serving as the point-person for all inquiries and issues; ongoing review and analysis of search data; constantly learning new skills and emerging tech; devising strategic and tactical recommendations for the program; and overseeing program elements such as content curation.

Our account managers must think flexibly and creatively, and communicate intelligently. Can you change course when a plan is not yielding expected results? Can you use what you know so far to discern what you still need to find out? Can you understand the true intent behind ‘polite’ client emails? Keep reading. 

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