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Category – Elder Law

A Continuing Power of Attorney Could Have Changed This Tragic Outcome. By Adv. Jay Hait
“You’ve saved for your retirement and future healthcare. But have you forgotten the most important step in preparing for your future?  A Continuing Power of Attorney could have changed one woman’s tragic outcome.”

How to Safeguard Your Future in Israel By Adv. Jay Hait”This entirely avoidable, awful scenario happens more often than you can believe. Unless you safeguard your future healthcare choices in Israel you could be leaving yourself vulnerable.”https://jayhaitlaw.com/2020/11/30/how-to-safeguard-your-future-in-israel/

How to Ensure Your Burial Wishes Will Be Honored By Adv. Jay Hait”Where does one make their funeral wishes known and guarantee that they will be honored?”

Protecting Yourself and Your Family From an Unpredictable Future By Adv. Jay Hait”Exactly what is a Continuing Power of Attorney and why do you need one.”https://jayhaitlaw.com/2020/04/20/protecting-yourself-and-your-family-from-an-unpredictable-future/

What Happens to Grandparents After a Divorce Rips a Family Apart? By Adv. Jay Hait”There are extensive legal discussions during divorce about visitation arrangements for the parents. But did you know that the grandparents have a voice as well?”

What are Some of the Special Rights for Seniors in Israel? By Adv. Jay Hait”Both the Israeli government and private entities offer discounts and benefits for seniors.”https://jayhaitlaw.com/2020/05/13/what-are-the-special-rights-for-senior-citizens-in-israel/

How to Give Your Children Money They Can Keep in Case of Divorce By Adv. Jay Hait
“You certainly don’t expect your kids to get divorced but statistically one out of every three marriages in Israel does. Knowing the right way to give them money will guarantee it stays in your child’s hands.”

Preparing a Will Carefully, Avoids Disputes By Adv. Jay Hait”If we aren’t meticulous in preparing a will we are in danger of leaving a very different outcome than we intended.”

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