From Arutz Sheva:

Chief Rabbi of Israel David Lau called Sunday morning for changes in the way the religious site at Mount Meron is managed following last week’s disaster in which 45 people were killed.

“It was sad to hear the music stop within minutes, little by little we started to get a harsher and harsher picture,” said Rabbi Lau, who was on the mountain during the disaster, to Galei Tzhal (IDF Radio).

He said, “When you are at an event like this you are aware of the overcrowding and shoving, but say to yourself ‘last year there was no one here, this is an opportunity to rejoice’.”

The chief rabbi added, “Mount Meron must be brought to order, the place must be treated differently. What is happening at the moment does not suit the dignity of the place and of human life. It is the duty of the state to take responsibility for it.”

The Institute of Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir announced this morning, Sunday, that it has completed the identification of all 45 victims brought to it from the Meron disaster.

44 of them were released for burial, and the remaining will be released during the day at the request of his family.

Dr Chen Kugel, director of the institute, said: “A disaster of this magnitude requires very complex preparedness on the part of the institute’s staff.”

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