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Olim Protesting Tuesday – 2:30pm at the Rose Garden across from the Knesset

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There is a protest Tuesday at 2:30pm at the Knesset against the current policy of forbidding Olim family members from entering the country to attend major life events. This includes births of children and grandchildren, weddings, attending to sick or older parents, etc. While a year ago this policy was understandable, the country is now GREEN and the economy is open, yet while our neighbors can share family events, weekends, holidays – the immigrants who sacrificed so much to move to Israel still cannot have family support from abroad.

Cultural figures and sports teams can come into the country (and are often exempt from quarantine), yet immigrants, who are not asking for quarantine exemptions, cannot have immediate family members here when they need them most. I have been flooded with rejection stories in recent weeks and months, some of which were featured in the Jerusalem Post this past weekend. We are not talking about tourists (although that is my next argument), we are talking about family.

It is time for Olim to be heard and for politicians to STOP selectively controlling who enters the country now that we are Green, and there is little medical rationale (remember people entering from abroad must quarantine!). We are not asking for our family members to be exempt from rules, but we are asking for a basic humanitarian right: to have family support, especially during life events. Getting permission to bury a relative from abroad (allowed) should not eclipse visiting a (live) elderly parent, attending a sibling/child’s wedding, attending a grandchild’s birth/bris. Humanitarian = when people are alive and need us. And when we need them. Please consider forwarding this to others so we can have a large turnout on Tuesday. Make signs in English. Brides are planning to come in wedding gowns. More details on my Facebook page link. Also consider signing the petition below to help families reunite when needed.

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