Israel is a modern state. But the legal system in the area of family law can be exceptionally bewildering, particularly for Olim. Not knowing what you’re up against can lead to some very unexpected results.
Attorney Jay Hait has a deep understanding of both the secular and Rabbinic courts in Israel as well as extensive knowledge of Western Law. He is a firm negotiator and a skilled litigator who brings exceptional results for his clients. Jay is changing the way people are represented and treated by their attorneys throughout the legal process.

Jay is an immigrant himself, originally from New Jersey. He ran a successful securities practice in New York before he made Aliyah with his family in 2004, flying back and forth between the two countries for the first few years. His own negative experiences with the two-court family legal system here in Israel, motivated him to find a better way for others to navigate their legal challenges. So he decided to close his New York practice and switch to family law in Israel.

At Hait Family Law you will find a number of complementary e-books on divorce as well as preparing for your retirement in Israel. There is also a full video library where Jay answers many of the most commonly asked family law questions on divorce and elder law.

The more information you have about your legal challenges the better able you’ll be to make good decisions for yourself and your family.
For pre or post nuptial agreements, divorce, wills and estates, probate issues or any family law challenge, Jay’s guidance and experience will help protect your rights and those of your family.

The main office is in Tel Aviv, with satellite offices in Jerusalem, Haifa, and Ra’anana as well as meeting spaces in most Anglo areas in Israel.

If you have any questions or to arrange a complimentary case evaluation contact us here.

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