From Jerusalem Post:

What is a green passport?

A green passport is available to anyone who has been fully vaccinated with two doses for at least one week and people who have recovered from coronavirus. The green passport is meant to give these individuals access to various locations and events as they open up in a safer way.

Where do I get a vaccination certificate?

A vaccination certificate is generally given to you by your health fund upon receipt of your second Pfizer vaccine shot and is good one week later. It can also be downloaded via your fund’s website or from the Health Ministry “Green Pass” website:

Where do I get a green passport?

The passport can be downloaded via the traffic-light smartphone application (put in “Ramzor” in the search bar), the Health Ministry’s Green Pass website or via the ministry call center (*5400). People who call the hotline can have the passport sent to them via email, text or even snail mail. CLICK on here for more of your questions to be answered.

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