Esther’s Many MasksJewish Art and the MegillahEsther: A New Israeli Commentary author Rabbi Mishael Zion and artist/designer Dov Abramson lead an innovative educational journey into the Megillah’s art, commentary and politicsSunday I Feb 21 I 8pm Israel (1pm EST)Please subscribe:
איור טלי מגידיש.  תצלום של צמד ילדות מחופשות בטנג’יר 1941זוכה לתחפושת ישראלית בת זמננו

Esther in IranDr. Thamar E. GindinWhat do modern-day Iranians know about Ahasuerus and the story of Purim?Join linguist and Iran scholar Dr. Thamar E. Gindinon a fascinating journey into the Book of Esther from ancient Persia to present-day IranPlease subscribe:
Wednesday I Feb 24 I 8pm Israel (1pm EST)

virtual tours with tour guide Ami BraunHebron The Cave of the Patriarchs and the historical timeline of Hebron’s Jewish settlement, from the dawn of time until the complexities of modern Israel.
Sunday I Feb 28 I 8pm Israel (1pm EST) Please subscribe:

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