Join us for this special L’Ayla “Food for Thought” event Tuesday
Sept.15 at 8:30pm. Four special women will present Rosh Hashana
recipes using the Simanim and at the same time, will inspire us with
their Torah insights. Ingredient list can be found at Zoom link:

If you haven’t had a chance yet, click here to watch Rosh Hashana shiurim from our Rosh Chodesh Elul semiar –

The Virtual Tishrei Seminar for Women will take place on Tuesday, September 29
and will focus on the holiday of Sukkot.
For a detailed schedule of speakers- Register at: Join us at:

Virtual Mother-Daughter
Pre-Sukkot Event Chavrusa Learning + Mini-Shiur/Discussion + Art Project
Tuesday September 29, 7pm. Recommended for girls aged 9-12 Register (FREE) at and we’ll send you details

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