Basic regulations as of Thursday, 12 noon.

Workplaces – regulations will be published.

Markets – closed.

Travel – 1 km from home.

Tefilah and hafganot – only outside – until 20 people – within 1km from home.

Indoor minyanim/ shuls – Forbidden.

Yom Kippur – inside minyanim until 10 people.

Flying – regulations will be published.

Sports – Forbidden. Apart from international competitons.

From the Times of Israel: Ministers voted early Thursday to dramatically tighten the country’s coronavirus lockdown amid fears that the infection rate is spiraling out of control.

The new restrictions come a week after the current lockdown began and as new daily confirmed infections neared 7,000 on Wednesday for the second straight day.

Beginning Friday at 2 p.m., nearly all businesses will be closed, with the exception of specific companies and factories specifically designated as “essential” by the Defense Ministry’s National Emergency Authority. The decision, drafted Wednesday by the coronavirus cabinet and approved by the full cabinet on Thursday morning, exempted supermarkets and pharmacies from the closure, and allowed restaurants to work on a home delivery basis only.

Yom Kippur prayers that begin Sunday evening will take place almost entirely outdoors, with groups of up to 10 worshipers permitted to pray inside synagogues, the decision said. The shutdown will also cover the entirety of the Sukkot holiday. CLICK on here to read more.

From the Jerusalem Post: The government met through the night on Wednesday to determine the next steps required to stop the spread of coronavirus infection. The ministers ultimately approved a total lockdown beginning Friday at 2 p.m. and lasting at least two weeks.

CLICK on here for full details.

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