Don’t be stuck at home, get on the virtual bus. Front seats for all! 

My name is Shulie Mishkin and I have been a tour guide in Israel for over twenty years, specializing in educational tours. Let me take you on a virtual tour through our magnificent land. 

From the heights of Mount Scopus to the deserts of the Negev, all of Israel is open to you. Twice a week we will travel to different destinations to study their history, nature, and personalities. Zoom tours are one hour long and cost $13/45 NIS. They are given live at 5PM Israel time, 10 AM EDT, or you can buy the subsequent recording. Sign up at 

Monday Series: Jerusalem the Heart of the World 

Monday August 31 Mount Scopus 

Not just the home of Hebrew University and Hadassah hospital but a fascinating site with . ancient burial caves (and some modern ones), a British military cemetery and some absolutely spectacular views. 

Monday September 7 Derech Shechem  

Come explore Derekh Shechem/Nablus Road and see a little bit of Europe in Jerusalem. Including Zedekiah’s Cave, Schmidt College, St.Etienne and the First Temple burial caves, the American Colony Hotel and more. 

Monday September 14 Yemin Moshe and King David Street 

From First Temple artifacts to an Irgun attack, from the second windmill to the first train in Jerusalem, this upscale neighborhood has many surprises. 

Wednesday Series: Exploring Sites Around Israel 

Wednesday September 2 Negev Pioneers 

Ben Gurion said “It is in the Negev that the creativity and pioneer vigor of Israel will be tested.” From the eleven communities set up overnight to the farms and industries of today, the Negev has a great story to tell. 

Wednesday September 9 Mount Gerizim and Shechem 

Who are the Samaritans? Where is Joseph’s Tomb? Why was Shechem so important in Biblical Israel? A tour to an off the beaten track area. 

Wednesday September 16 Haifa 

The other city by the bay has roots that go back to Second Temple times. With sites holy to Jews, Christians, Muslims and Bahai it can compete with Jerusalem for most cosmopolitan city in Israel.  

A satisfied tourist writes:  

Israel tour guide Shulie Mishkin’s virtual tours are marvelous. From the comfort of your home, you travel the country with wonderful visuals and comprehensive explanations. I highly recommend ZOOMing through  Israel  with Shulie.   

-Adele Wasser  

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