From the Jerusalem Post: Top Israeli musicians will perform in a concert by the Old City Walls and the Tower of David on Thursday night, in an event produced Zappa and Keshet 12, as part of the Zappa Live Project. The concert will feature Israel’s brightest stars, among them Israel’s 2020 Eurovision representative, Eden Alene, who is originally from Jerusalem, Shlomi Shabat, Idan Amedi, Eliad, Ester Rada, Benaia Barabi, David D’Or, Miri Mesika, Amir Benayoun, Nathan Goshen, Kobi Aflalo and Keren Peles.

The show will be broadcast following the regular Channel 12 programming after the evening news. Zappa and Channel 12 are collaborating on this event with the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Development Authority. In addition to being broadcast on Channel 12, the concert will be available on the Mako and N12 sites and apps. CLICK on here to read more.

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