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Shabbat Yitro: Ayelet Shaked in town, Events, Parsha, Times

Ayelet Shaked is in town this Shabbat – CLICK on here for details.

Also Idit Silman – details below.


Shabbat In at 4.48, Out at 6.02.

Parsha from Rav Alex Israel:

“Do not Covet”
Sounds like it was a command for a different age.

And yet, I think it has some important contemporary messaging.

Today we are not likely to rob our neighbour; just to want the same lifestyle as them. “Do not covet” says to me – You have what you need. Don’t look around at others. Be satisfied with what you have.

This sort of desire, or as Leon Kass calls it, “deformations of desire” leads us to under-appreciate what we have, and to seek things that, possibly, we should not. The simple act of continually wanting more can frequently be destructive to ourselves, to others and ecologically, to the world. In a world of constant advertising and commercialism, it seems to be a law and a virtue that is more pertinent today than ever.

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Pre-Shacharit parsha at Shir Chadash, Eretz Chemdah and ELC at 8am.

Ramban shiur at 5.15.

Nitzanim shiur with Rav Shai at 4.45.

ELC, seudah shlishit at 4.50.

Daf Yomi – Hour before Shabbat out at Katamon Shteiblech.

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