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Terumah – Give and Take
“Speak to the children of Israel, and have them take for Me a donation…” (Shemot 25:2)
Parshat Terumah begins with a call issued to donate materials for the construction of the Mishkan. One would have expected the directive to be worded in terms of giving, yet the Torah curiously describes the donors as “takers”. Why is this terminology used?
The “Kiddushin” stage of a Jewish marriage is effectuated when the groom presents the bride with an object of monetary value in return for which she acquiesces to the arrangement (Kiddushin 2a). If the bride gives the item of value to the groom instead, the matter has no halachic consequence. The Gemara (Kiddushin 7a), however, provides one exception to this rule. Chazal says that if the man is an Adam Chashuv (a distinguished individual), then his agreement to accept her gift is a form of ‘giving’ to her. Giving a gift in such an instance is deemed a privilege for the giver – and thus the pleasure she feels from the fact that a distinguished individual accepted her gift is considered tangible enough to transform her into the recipient of an “object of value.”
Says the Panim Yafot, this is the reason why the Torah refers to our donations as taking not giving. When Hashem asks us for donations – or to do any act on His behalf – then the very fact that these actions or donations are a fulfilment of His Divine Will should provide us with immeasurable pleasure that He wants and cares about our actions! As such, a donation given for Hashem’s sake in fact constitutes a real gain for the donor.
The Torah is thus highlighting the attitude we need to infuse our mitzvah observance with, namely the fulfilment of a Heavenly desire of a personal relationship with us!


Shabbat in at 5 , out at 6:13.


Pre-Shacharit shiurim at 8am at the ELC, Shir Chadash in Talbiah and Eretz Chemdah. Rabbi Alan Kimche is speaking this Shabbat at Eretz Chemdah.

Daf Hayomi – Hour before Shabbat out at Katamon Shteiblech

Afternoon shiurim at Nitzanim at 5, Ramban – 5.25, and Seudah Shlishit at ELC at 4.55.

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