Based on experiences from previous years, here are 10 networking tips to make the most out the Summit tommorow – as well as, of course, going to the sessions and workshops!

  1. Refer to people by their name and be personable when you talk to them. Last year, when I saw Jon Medved at the shuk for the after party, he said,’ Hi Benjy, nice to see you’ and took a selfie with me. I had met Jon before, but the fact he addressed me by my name and was so willing to have a selfie changed the nature of our interaction and made me feel good about the conversation.
  2. Take every conversation and lead you make as crucial. You have no idea where one person can lead you to, who they know and what insights and wisdom they can share. Don’t ignore or write off anyone.
  3. Have 3 pockets – One for your business cards, one for business cards you’re going to use and one for business cards you’re just being polite by taking.
  4. Brush your teeth, look professional, smile and pretend you’re going on a date when networking ( in other words,  first impressions count)
  5. If you have networked with a potential client, make sure to finish your conversation with a call to action. When will you be in touch and how – A phone conversation, drink, meeting etc.
  6. Be focused – You’re at the event for a reason, not to have a day off. Pressure yourself – I have to make a certain amount of worthwhile connections each hour etc.
  7. Enjoy yourself. If you are having a good time, you will appear a more attractive person to network with.
  8. Selfies you post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook work even though they are annoying,especially if you’re an introvert like me. As long as you look presentable, selfies are a very easy tool for networking and online branding. Get the hashtags and tags right – check before!
  9. Facebook Live is also very effective for online branding. A short video on Facebook Live of you eating lunch and shmoozing with well respected, ‘influencers’ never does any harm.
  10. Make sure to write a blog about your experiences, post it on the social media platforms you use, and send it to influencers or people who may be interested in investing in your product or service.

See you tomorrow!


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