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Coronavirus-Chief Rabbi ruling: “Forbidden to attend synagogue”

Following the Motzei Shabbos report about members of a group of South Korean tourists who were diagnosed with the coronavirus on their return home from a tour of Israel and hundreds of Israelis who were instructed to self-quarantine, Kikar H’Shabbos asked Chief Rabbi of Israel, Harav Dovid Lau, about the halachic aspects of self-quarantine.

Rav Lau responded that “anyone who is required to remain in isolation is forbidden from davening with the tzibur. An issur gamur applies to anyone at risk of harming another person even if the chances are very slight. Likewise there is an issur to enter a place of danger and therefore one should refrain from visiting places where there is a risk of contracting [the virus].” CLICK on here to read more.

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