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SNOW – What???

Will there be snow this week? Well, wait to see…

This is what we read on the Jerusalem Weather Forecast FB page:

“No way to know anything certain at this point, but the potential is increasing for snow. We’ll see…stay tuned. “

“Yes, you can never really know anything conclusively until you’re within 3 days, and even then things can change with weather forecasting. However, the potential for snow can be spotted beyond that, and this page does not shy away from mentioning potential and then teaching its readers about the dynamics that could make that potential into snow, (or no snow too) “

“Possibly some light flakes Tuesday-Wednesday that may then be the precursor for something much bigger Fri-Sat. Details beyond that can’t really say this far out, and things are always subject to change in this time frame too. “

For those who can understand this image for this week:…

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