From Aish: I tried unsuccessfully to restrain myself, but I must jump into the Harry-Meghan/Royal family fray. As irrelevant as it is to my life, I find myself avidly reading every article and perusing every picture. It’s great escapism and a fascinating distraction. But I think there’s something more, something that is not unique to this particular couple and something that does impact all our lives.

What strikes me about the response to their decision to remove themselves from royal duties is the stern, judgmental nature of it. The criticisms of the royal couple seem to be unending, the media and even individuals on Instagram etc., relentless.

I don’t know if they’re making a good decision or bad one, a right one or wrong one but many others seem so sure. And their position always seems to imply not only that they (the observers who aren’t living their lives, who aren’t inside their world) know better. This is not just true of Harry and Meghan but of every famous person. We live in a world where ruthless negative judgments reign. And I believe this extends to individuals in our private lives as well. We can’t turn it on and off. If we are so quick to criticize people we don’t even know, I can only imagine our certainty about and our eagerness to attack those we do. CLICK on here to read more.

Photo credit: Vanity Fair

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