The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies Presents:
The Sidney and Miriam Brettler Memorial Series 5780
Women in the Wilderness: Four Narratives of Spiritual Power with Dr. Avivah Zornberg.

Through midrashic and hasidic readings as well as psychoanalytic approaches, we will encounter the spiritual resistance of our biblical heroines in situations of tension.

22 January 2020
Miriam against Moses: “Sing-Now!-to God!”

29 January 2020
Daughters of Zelophchad: “To be or not to be”

5 February 2020
Esther: “Mere Anarchy is Loosed Upon the World”

12 February 2020
Becoming Ruth: “And I am a Stranger”

For more details and questions: contact Rabbi Alex Israel
[email protected] / 02 673-5210 ext 225 .

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