“Learn Shabbos in just 3 minutes a day”, by Rabbi Daniel Braude, is a new book for those who want to learn the most practical laws of Shabbos in a quick and easy way.

– Designed for daily learning- Easy-to-use index for when you’re stuck- Fully referenced- Distributed worldwide by Feldheim; Haskomas from leading Rabbonim- Covers everything you need to know- Already in it’s 5th printing this year!  – Now being used by thousands of people in shuls, whatsapp groups, yeshivas, ‘sems’ and midreshas everywhere.

Get 640 easy pages for only 80 n.i.sAvailable now at major bookshops, including (Pomerantz, Or HaChaim, Mannys, Feldheim etc).Or, order yours direct from the author: [email protected] .Check it out on: https://www.feldheim.com/learn-shabbos-in-just-3-minutes-a-day.html

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