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Missing Ari Fuld z’l – One year after murder

From the Times of Israel:

Jewish tradition follows the lunar calendar. Jews engage in the modern world and use the solar calendar to set secular events. Festivals, birthdays, and anniversaries of deaths are celebrated and commemorated on the lunar date, not the Gregorian calendar the world universally uses today. Jewish tradition also has its own names for the months, preferring to call this month Tishrie over September.

Certain calendar dates take on unique importance and are observed annually. The 15th of Nissan (Passover), the 25th of Kislev (Chanukah),and the 14th of Adar (Purim), are all festive dates celebrated. Other dates are commemorated annually as sad dates, hearkening back to a historic tragedy too great to forget. The 9th of Av (destruction of the Temples), the 10th of Tevet (the siege on Jerusalem) and the 3rd of Tishrie (Gedaliah’s assassination and the solidifying of the exile) are all examples.

There are also personal dates that people observe individually, the yahrtziet (day of a relative’s passing) is sometimes observed with a fast, while a birthday is celebrated.

The 7th of Tishrei will always be a deeply personal day it should be a day of national commemoration as well. A year ago today a Jewish man, a hero long before his celebrated last heroic act, was murdered. Ari Fuld, zecher tzaddik l’bracha, was a learned Jewish warrior. He was, a Jewish man set on developing a deep relationship with God while also fighting in defense of the Jewish people.

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