Explore the Haftarot with us at Nishmat.

Elul semester starts next week, Tuesday September 3rd. Spend your Tuesday mornings learning with top level teaches and women of all ages and backgrounds. 

In our Elul semester:Haftarot of the Yamim Noraim 9:00-11:30
With Simi Peters

You may have learned the weekly parsha but have you ever delved into the haftorot leading up to the chagim? Why were these haftorot chosen? What are they supposed to teach us? How do these texts prepare us for Rosh Hashana and Yom kippur? 

Halachot of the Chagim 11:45-13:00
With Rav Sperling
How well do you know the halachot of the chagim? How is chag different from Shabbat? Learn from the texts in chavrutot with Nishmat’s Rosh Bet Midrash. 

Register by phone: 02-6404333 or by email: Office@Nishmat.net  or online: 
Look at our learning opportunities for Winter Semester:http://www.nishmat.net/womens-learning-initiative/womens-learning-initiative-morning-evening-classes/

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