It’s Tisha Bav this coming Motsei Shabbat, Sunday.

Although Tisha Bav is obviously a sad day when we mourn the destruction of the Temples and other tragedies that befell the Jewish people – I feel if you live in Jerusalem, it is also a day when we celebrate the rebirth and rebuilding of Jerusalem.

CLICK on here for Halachot and guidelines for this year’s Tisha Bav.

Here is a listing of events – I’ll be adding to it so make sure to check it!

Pardes – CLICK on here.

OU Israel Center – 2 Programmes :

  1. 8am – downstairs with Rabbi Weinreb
  2. 8:30am – upstairs with Dr. David Luchins

YU at Gruss Kollel, start at 8am. 40 Duvdevani, Bayit Vegan.

Yemin Moshe , by the windmill area – Eicha reading usually start 30 mins after Shabbat goes out.

Beit Avichai – CLICK on here.

Migdal David – CLICK on here.

Begin Center – CLICK on here.

Beit Yehudi – CLICK on here.

Hitorerut – CLICK on here.

JSC for all ages – CLICK on here.

ELC – Emek Learning Center:

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