Early Shabbat davening at ELC, Ramban, Nitzanim, Shteiblech is at around 5:50. Regular times: Shabbat in at 6.58, out at 8.15.

Happenings this Shabbat:

Shabbat Shiurim: ELC – At 8am and 6.25/ Ramban at 5.30/ Nitzanim at 7/ Yakar at 9.30am/ Eretz Chemdah – 8am/ Shir Chadash (Ohel Nechama) at 8am/ Daf HaYomi – Hour before Shabbat out at Katamon Shteiblech/ Ohel Nechama – after mincha.

Seudah Shlishit: at ELC and Shir Chadash on Emek after mincha, at around 7.10.


Shir Chadash – ELC (64 Emek Refaim)- After davening at 11 ish/ Nitzanim – After 9.15 minyan/ Shteiblech – top floor, after davening/ Eretz Chemdah – After davening/ Yakar – at the end of davening.

Parsha from Rav Alex Israel:

Here is one of my favorite Divrei Torah on Parashat Massei. Everybody remembers Tzelophchad’s daughters. However, our parasha contains the postscript, the come-back to that revolutionary legal ruling. 
What happens when a halakhic solution generates a new problem?

Last week we met the daughters of Zelophchad. Their father had an inheritance in the land of Canaan but had five daughters, no sons. Since inheritance passed through the male line, what would happen to his portion in the land? The five daughters felt that his ancestral holding in the land should be preserved and retained by the family. They approached Moses:

“Let not our father’s name be lost to his clan just because he had no son! Give us a holding among our father’s kinsmen!” (27:4)

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