Even though we are in the middle of the summer, still there are things on.


Early Shabbat at 5.35; Regular Times – In at 6.38, Out at 7.51


Nitzanim – Rav Shai at 6.40; Shir Chadash (Yaakov Rubin 1) parsha at 8am; Emek Learning Center – 8 and 6.10 – shiurim; Shir Chadash on Emek – shiur and seuda shlishit at 7; Daf Yomi – hr before Shabbat goes out at Katamon Shteiblech.

Parsha from Rav Alex Israel:

Rain and Rivers – How does the Land of Israel connect us to God? http://www.alexisrael.org/ekev—rain-and-the-land-of-israel

Broken Tablets, Broken People, Broken Hearts (parsha – discussion) http://www.alexisrael.org/…/Ekev-5779-Broken-Tablets-Broken…

Mindful Eating (parsha discussion) – http://www.alexisrael.org/single-p…/…/02/Ekev-Mindful-Eating

PODCAST – One Ark; Two Arks! How many Arks were there? And what was inside them?

Gradual Conquest: Why does the Torah predict that the Promised Land will be conquered slowly?

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