The annual outdoor International Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair, called Hutzot Hayotzer (sometimes spelled Khutsot HaYotser or Chutzot Hayotzer), is undoubtedly one of Jerusalem’s highlights of the summer if not the entire year. Hutzot Hayotzer can be translated as “the Creator Steps Out,” which is exactly what happens. Dozens of artists meet at this event, showcasing their creations, selling their crafts and allowing thousands to take in what Jerusalem and the world have to offer.

Hutzot Hayotzer is held at one of Jerusalem’s most unique venues, Sultan’s Pool, which creates the perfect ambiance for this summer festival. Just at the foot of the Old City, this valley and its surrounding areas sit adjacent to the permanent artist colony, also named Hutzot Hayotzer.

Visitors stroll from stand to stand, taking in local and international artisans’ work from watches to hammocks to paintings, often being sold by the original artists, and much more. From the depths of the Sultan’s Pool, entrenched in the earth’s Jerusalem stone, with the Old City lit up in the background and the stars above, the romantic, artistic and friendly environment envelops guests.

The festival, produced by Ariel Company, includes nightly live concerts and dance performances by famous Israeli artists, as well as many food stands and workshops scheduled throughout.

The fair is a great place to purchase art and functionally designed items. Or at the very least, it is inspiring to see all the creativity emerging from Israel and around the world.

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