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Jerusalem Wine Festival – 5 Halachot

NOTE: These have been taken from my previous years’ post.

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1) The drinking glasses:

The drinking glasses have been in previous years from abroad and therefore if you buy them and intend on keeping them after the wine festival, you can’t use them, unless you do tevillah beforehand.

However, if when you pay, you have in mind that you are only paying for the wine and not the glass and do not intend on keeping the glass and of course leave it behind at the end, you can use the glass without having done tevillah.

However, I have heard the lenient opinion that you can use a utensil once before doing tvillah although I can’t find the source for this. In which case you can use the glass without having done tvillah, keep it afterwards and toyvel it before you use it a second time.

2) Non-Yayin Mevushal Wine.

Wine that is Mevushal can be poured by a non-Shomrei Shabbat Jew/ chiloni and you can drink it.

The question is what about non-Yayin Mevushal wine: Can a non-Shomrei Shabbat Jew/ chiloni pour it for you?

The Gemarah says, that if a non-Shomrei Shabbat Jew pours non-Yayin Mevushal, it is like Yayin Nesech (wine used for Avodah Zarah). However this isNOT the Halacha nowadays.

Wine poured by a non-shomrei shabbat jew/ chiloni is known as ‘Stam Yeynam’– this is a Rabbinic decree.The main problem with Stam Yeynam is ‘Chatnut’-intermarriage and more broadly assimilation.

The question is, is ‘Stam Yeynam’ a severe enough problem to make the non-mevushal wine, undrinkable?

Rav Moshe Feinstein says that Le’chatchilah-ideally, you shouldn’t drink non-mevushal wine, poured by a non-shomrei Shabbat Jew, but D’diavad- post facto, it’s ok to drink it.

The Binyan Tzion says that as long as the chiloni Jew pouring the non-mevushal wine isn’t breaking Shabbat ‘Le’hachis’ – intentionally/ as an act of rebellion and as most chilonim nowadays are ‘Tinokot She’nishbaoo’ – essentially, unintentional sinners, you can drink the wine they pour, even if it’s not mevushal.

You must make the sure the person opening the bottle of wine and pouring the wine is a chiloni and not a non-Jew. You cannot drink Non-Mevushal wine if the wine bottle was opened and the wine was poured by a non-Jew.

If you choose to be machmir, don’t drink the wine unless you know it’s Mevushal.

3) If the wine is from 2008 or 2015 it has Kedushat Shviit so you need to drink it all.

4) You can’t assume the other foods and beverages that are given out are kosher, and need to check.

5) When you make a Bracha at the beginning have in mind it should include all the wine you drink. So you only need to make one Bracha.



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