Amazing how quickly the week goes by!


Early Shabbat davening at ELC, Ramban, Nitzanim, Shteiblech is at around 6.

Regular times: Shabbat in at 7.13, out at 8.31.

Happenings this Shabbat:

Shabbat Shiurim:

ELC – At 8am and 6.20/ Eretz Chemdah – 8am/ Ramban at 5.30/ Nitzanim at 7.10/ Yakar at 9.30am, Shir Chadash at 8am on their new premises/ Daf HaYomi – Hour before Shabbat out at Katamon Shteiblech/ Ohel Nechama – after mincha.


Special Shir Chadash (regular) on new premises – CLICK on here or details/ ELC (64 Emek Refaim)- After davening at 11 ish/ Shir Chadash on Emek – After davening at 11.15 ish/ Nitzanim – After 9.15 minyan/ Shteiblech – top floor, after davening/ Eretz Chemdah – After davening.

Rav Alex Israel on the Parsha:

How to stop a conflict and negative influence?

Sometimes, people say not to let a fight sit overnight. But that does not always work. Sometimes people are too upset, too agitated, too worked up to talk in a heated moment. They are “drunk” with their insult, their ego and what have you. Moses is saying, “Let’s take a Time Out”, “Let’s discuss this in the morning when we are not so tired, not so angry.”

  • In a situation of rage and hurt feelings, does it help to wait and discuss it when people have calmed down?
  • What could go right with this technique? What could go wrong?
  • Can you recall a situation in Tanakh when leaving something longer agitated the situation further rather than calming it? (1 Kings, 12:5)

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P/C: Adam Khoo Youth Training

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