Everyone is invited to the Bet Midrash this coming Tuesday, 8 Sivan, 11 June 2019.
First hour: 20:00-21:00: Chaburot and chavrutot!
* New Chaburah on the “Mitzva on the Parashah” with Nehorai Yahav
* Chabura on Nehama Leibowitz on the Parasha
(*The chabura on tefilla with Ora Derovan is taking a week off)

Second hour: light refreshments, then lecture by Dr. Avi Shveka
About the laws of the Torah in light of the their ancient background in time and place. It promises to be riveting!
Dr. Avi Shveka hold a doctorate in Biblical studies from Hebrew University and lectures at various institutes in Israel and around the world.

Come with your friends!

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