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Networking Events this week

From Made in Jerusalem.

*Tech events this week* – 23.06.19 – 29.06.19:

Sunday 23.06:
“הרב ד”ר שלמה דב רוזן // גוגל, ווייז, פייסבוק ומלאכים אחרים 23.6″ –

Tuesday 25.06:
“GDG JLM ♡ Side Projects – Flutter w/ Yishai Levenglick” –

Wednesday 26.06:
“AtoBe Accelerator Demo Day – Round #5” –

See more details of events here –
If you have an event that you would like to add to our calendar, email (make sure you have a link too, e.g. Facebook/Meetup)

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