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Shabbat Behar: Happenings, Parsha from Rav Alex & Times (Incl early)


Shabbat in 6.51 and out at 8.11.

Early davening in most shuls at 5.45.


ELC – 64 Emek Refaim:

8:00 am – “Democracy and the Jewish State” with Rabbi Azarya Berzon
8:45 am – Shacharit
10:30 am – Children’s Service with Ronnit Goldfain
Followed by Kiddush

5:00 pm- Avot U’Banim
6:15 pm- “Hashkafa for Shemittah and Yovel” with Rabbi Azarya Berzon
6:55 pm- Mincha
Followed by Seudat Shlishit
with Torah Thoughts by Rabbi Daniel Rose

8:12 pm

Start the Week with Torah: Join us for ONLY 10 MINUTES after Havdalah for some insights of the Maharal.

Ramban, Rechov Amatsia: Rav Benny Lau’s shiur at 5.30.

Yakar, Rechov Lamed Hey: 9.30, kiddush and parsha shiur.

Shir Chadash: Ohel Nechama – Parsha at 8 followed by davening and kiddush at 11.15. Emek Refaim 43 – Davening at 9.15, followed by kiddush. Seuda shlishit at 6.55.

Eretz Chemdah: Bruriya 2 – 8.00 am – Shiur with Rabbi Sinclair, “The Dignity of Labour and the Labourer’s Dignity”. Drasha followed by Musaf

Daf Yomi – Hour before Shabbat out at Katamon Shteiblech.

Rav Alex Israel – Parsha thoughts on Shmittah

Despite the advances of Western society in the areas of morality, democracy and liberalism and despite the most affluent society that the world has ever known, our generation increasingly finds itself plagued by severe problems. The pristine streets of our capital cities are marred by the homeless and starving; we have become accustomed and desensitised to the sharp discords of affluence and poverty side by side.

“Alienation” is a new buzzword to describe the feeling of personal detachment, lack of direction and loss of community and family that are an inexorable result of modern living. Career frustration, burnout, anxiety. These are but a few of the feelings that pervade the modern, sophisticated, technological world that we have created and which we inhabit. Unfortunately, this disturbing urban landscape is far from that which we desire in life.

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