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Ramban BM – Lag Bomer special!

For the fourth year in a row, were excited to continue our tradition of hosting “Around the bonfire with members of the generation of founders of the state” which takes place around the country every lag baomer. Were honored to be hosting Yehoshua Parush for this event.

From 20:00-21:00 there will be individual and group learning as usual:
* Chabura on the topic of prayer led by Ora Derovan.
*Chabura learning Nechama Leibowitz on the weekly parsha.
* Individual/chavrutot learning.

21:00- Light refreshments and lecture by Yehoshua Parush. Yehoshua, who is a 7th generation yerushalmi, will share his personal life story of growing up under british rule in Israel, his actions in helping the Hagana in 1948 and his involvement in establishing communications in Eilat and Sinai.

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