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Jerusalem: Sovev Friday bike ride -road blocks & public transport disruption

This Friday, 17/5:

Cyclists and lovers of Jerusalem are invited to a perfect spring celebration, in the great green expanses of nature, in the interesting historical sites and in the unique views of the city.

The largest cycling event in Jerusalem will include 7,000 riders, thousands of cheerleaders and participants, four spectacular cycling trails and a colorful EXPO compound at the first station complex, which will operate two days before the event. The first station area will also serve as the gathering point for the riders and participants.

Jerusalem will cross the city from Hebron Road and pass through the new bicycle trails system that is currently being built in the park surrounding the city of Jerusalem – a strip of open spaces that surrounds the city and is now becoming the largest metropolitan park in Israel.

Event Schedule:

  • 5:30 – Opening of the event at the Biblical Zoo parking lot (near the Israel Aquarium).
  • 6:30 – Starting 50 km
  • 7: 00- Starting 40 kilometers
  • 7:30 – A start of 23 km
  • 7: 50 – Starting 8 km
    * Tracks 50 km and 40 km – will be closed for riding 4.5 hours after the launch.
    * The 23 km route will be closed for riding 3.5 hours after the start.

From Jerusalem municipality website.

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