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A day of gratitude: Ilana Harris on Lag B’omer

Coffee. Some people drink their cup of coffee with a sense of appreciation for the smell of roasted coffee beans, the kick they get from the caffeine or just the chance to pause in their day as they brew it, wait in line to receive it or sit to consume this beverage.

The journalist A.J.Jacobs in his book “Thanks a Thousand” writes that “for most of my life, I rarely thought about my coffee unless it spilled on my jacket or scalded the roof of my mouth.” The book traces his quest to cultivate gratitude by tracking and thanking many of the people who made his cup of coffee possible.

This gratitude trail, as he calls it, includes a wide range of people including his barista, the cup maker, farmers, water testers and truck drivers. It certainly enhanced my cup of coffee.

Gratitude is generally accepted as a key trait to a happy life. It is something we should be paying particular attention to this Thursday, on Lag b’omer. On this day, the 18th Iyar and the 33rd day of the counting of the omer, several events took place which express and remind us of the importance of fostering the trait of gratitude and appreciation.

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Gratitude changes everything – handwriting on a napkin with a cup of espresso coffee
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